Date: 2015
Location: Berlin, Poland
Area: 160 sq meter
Interior design, rebuilding project, design of part of the furniture, restoration of part of the furniture.

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Summer apartment is set up in the palace complex surrounded by a forest in the suburbs of Berlin.

All rooms have undergone a major renovation. Before starting the work huge amounts of garbage had to be removed from all rooms. The walls required drying and restoration. The floor was a threshing floor so bricks and planks were laid all over the entire surface. The apartment will be used mainly in the summer and during holidays and special occasions.
The idea for the interior design to some extent refers to the old Mediterranean architecture, while equipment and furnishings in order to avoid banality, was supposed to be a little eccentric, mysterious and elegant. The kitchen has a simple, homely and a little rural character. Furniture, lamps and accessories have been completed thanks to contacts with collectors and dealers from whom designer has been acquiring those items for years. In many cases, they were completely renovated. Designer, Jacek Kolasiński, is also pleased that most furniture, lamps and rugs come from Poland. Several of these items are very unique (some of them were even made bespoke many years ago). Among the furniture and equipment there are also products of the Czech Republic and Denmark at the turn of 50-60, as well as items designed by our studio and manufactured in our befriended carpentry shop. It is interesting to mention the fact that the apartment has a well that is eight meters deep.

  • The large wool carpet in the living room is by Kowary, 1968.
  • Chest of drawers in the living room (next to the graphics by Wieslaw Walkuski), was made bespoke for one of the party activists at the turn of 60-70 in Katowice.
  • Chandelier in the kitchen is a polish design from the 60s-70s.
  • There is a very interesting story connected with four armchairs used in the interior (gray upholstery). They were bought at auction and required complete restoration. These are very rare furniture, created in a small factory in Zadzielu near Zywiec that specializes in Bauhaus style (from the 50s). The factory was then forced to produce only medical furniture because the party and authorities from those years thought that products from Zadziel were too avant-garde
On the terrace I used tables from our own production and chairs by Eams from the late 60s and steel seats from the same era. Two sofas used on the terrace are by an unknown designer and were completely renovated (woodwork and upholstered elements).
Furniture production : Wood effect Marcin Wyszecki
Photo credit: Karolina Bąk