Studio Loft Kolasiński does both interior and industrial design. We give advice and share our knowledge when it comes to selecting furniture, accessories, finishing materials and consctruction work. We cooperate with specialists from rare and specialized industries.

For our interior design projects we often use furniture that we design ourselves, that are created in our befriended carpentry shop. These are individual, bespoke projects that we created especially for the needs and stylistic preferences of our customers. In 2015, we designed our first furniture collection called ‘Public Project’.

We have a special appreciation for items made in the period between the 20’s and the 70’s. Hence, in our projects we often use unusual, vintage furniture, lighting, ceramics, prints, rugs and carpets. We purchase them in auctions and from befreinded collectors from all over Europe. When renovating furniture,we pay special attention to preserving their original character.

We have often made interior designs of unique properties such as adaptations of lofts, industrial buildings or old houses.