Date: 2014
Location: Berlin, Poland
Area: 200 sq meter
Interior design, rebuilding project, design and construction of part of the furniture, restoration of part of the furniture. Collecting polish pottery from 50-60’s.

Explore project's history

The building is an old palace surrounded by a park. During the times of NRD (DDR) it was a hospital. After the fall of NRD, it became a ruin. After it was bought a couple of years ago and it was renovated. Owners have 200 square meter apartment for a family of four (2+2) in it. Floors in the entire apartment are made out of oak wood and are covered with oil, except the bathroom where floors are flagstones. Walls in all rooms are painted with traditional, limey paints (often used to paint and preserve historical buildings). Almost all of the wooden furnitures in the apartment were designed by Jacek Kolasiński and made out of oak wood and covered, protected with a special furniture oil by carpenter in Poland – full equipment of the bathrooms, anteroom, dining room, bedroom (also including bed), living room, and some in the kitchen. Also curtain rods in whole flat where custom designed and produced with invisible installation elements. In the interior you can see many of renewed furniture which were bought on auctions. For example in the kitchen is a hospital wardrobe from Poland. Inside there is a collection of polish, ceramic figurines from the 50’s and a coffee crockery set. Space in the apartment is filled in vintage chairs, armchairs, chaise longue, cabinets, posters, some lamps. Plates on the walls and figurines were designed by some of the best polish graphics and sculptors. Designer founds and bought all of those items on auctions. The concept was to use classic elements from the 20’s (Bauhaus) combined with scandinavian elements and some polish accents. The owner became a fan of polish ceramics from the 50’s-60’s during the development of the project. Wooden furniture perfectly made by the carpenter contributed to creating a cosy atmosphere in the apartment.
Furniture production : Wood effect Marcin Wyszecki
Photo credit: Karolina Bąk