Interior design: Loft Kolasiński
Date: 2023
Location: Szczecin, Poland
Area: 190 m2
Scope of work: Interior design, design of a new staircase, and fireplace, interior carpentry design, furniture design, renovation of vintage furniture and lighting
Photography and videography: Joel Hauck

The house, built in 1972 on the initiative of the new owner, underwent a general renovation and a partial interior reconstruction. Thanks to this we were able to design a new staircase and a fireplace. The design idea was to cover these elements with traditional plaster, just like most of the walls and ceilings in the building. In some parts of the house, the concrete ceiling and structural elements were left unplastered. We have gathered a large collection of classic furniture, lamps and accessories from Europe and the USA For the needs of this project. Most of them are vintage pieces that have been renovated. One of the most interesting pieces is a floor lamp designed by Jean Rispal, model 14.950 from 1950, also called ‘the Mantis’. The second unique element of the decor are the window curtains in the hallway. The fabric they are made of comes from the 1960s. It is Danuta Michno-Paprowicz’s original project and is called ‘Smugi’. The type of fabric is raw silk- Shantung. Furniture and accessories designed by Loft-Kolasiński: library, beds, bedside tables, wardrobes, bathroom and kitchen furniture. To decorate the walls, we used Erwin Olaf’s photographs and a painting by