Project: Loft Kolasiński
Date: 2022
Location: Szczecin, Poland
Area: 870 m2
Scope of work: Furniture design (fixed and movable furniture), Brazilian Punk floor lamps designed by Loft Kolasiński
Photos by Karolina Bąk
Furniture made by:
Brazilian Punk lamps and chaise longues were made by:

The project included the design of a number of furniture of various functions, for the needs of a single-family house with an area of 870 m2, such as fixed furniture: wardrobes, built-in wardrobes, fixed screens and sliding walls, bathroom furniture, dressing tables, mirrors, displays. The second part of the project is “movable” furniture such as: chests of drawers, tables, chaise lounges, beds, wardrobes. The furniture is made of solid oak and blockboards with a wooden core, veneered with oak and finished with oil. Brazilian Punk and chairs by Edmund Homa made by Politura were also used in the project.