Interior design of restaurants
We offer complete interior design of restaurants. We have extensive experience in the design of restaurants and cafes, along with creating the complete concept of visual identification. Under the project, we prepare a draft of the functional and spatial premises with carefully selected furniture, lighting and decorations. The project includes a selection of colors and materials. We prepare detailed technical drawings of bathrooms, lighting, walls, etc., as well as guidelines for contractors.

Creating the concept
We offer advice in creating the concept of the restaurants, together with the visual identification. Due to the experience in the catering industry, we can help you with how the appearance of the premises should correspond with the menu served and the atmosphere of the space.

Design and production of wooden furniture
We also design and supervise the production of wooden furniture. The furniture is handmade by local carpenters using traditional methods. For restaurants, cafes etc we design mainly:

  • bars
  • tables
  • benches
  • decorative elements
  • accessories for serving food
  • many more depending on the needs of the customers

Mediation in buying furniture/lighting/new and vintage accessories in auctions
As part of creating the interior design we search for unique furnishings from the 20’s, 30’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. We search for unique pieces, which often have collector’s value and interesting history. The furniture come from Poland and Europe. We also find pieces such as:

  • lighting
  • posters
  • coffee makers from limited editions
  • accessories

We keep up to date with new designs of contemporary designers and brands. We select interesting items characterized by a timeless design.

Renovation of vintage furniture
Furniture, lighting and accessories purchased at auction undergo professional renovation. We work with rare industries, such as upholsterers, carpenters, metallurgists, leather workers, carvers, etc. With the restoration of upholstered items we use high-quality materials imported from all over Europe. We also carry out renovations of vintage audio equipment and musical instruments, among others, pianos.

Supervision of interior design projects
We supervise each project from start to finish. We are regularly on the building site, which allows us to ensure that the end result will be consistent with what we had in mind.
We offer our services throughout Poland and Germany. Projects can be done anywhere in the world.